Business Process Management

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Almost every organization around the globe is now moving beyond processes as solely a way of synchronizing change and is attempting to transform the way their enterprise plans, manages, monitors and aligns capabilities and motivation using a process-managed baseline. The bad news is that most organizations have little ability to make it happen in a consistent or reliable way and most managers do not really understand what it will take to succeed. This seminar provides a comprehensive examination of the state of the art in Enterprise-level Business Process Management (BPM). It addresses innovations in ways of managing processes as assets of the enterprise. It focuses on maintaining the critical role that processes play in the alignment of the strategic objectives of the organization with what people do every day. It is geared to those with or without process experience seeking to learn a set of pragmatic practices packaged into a reusable BPM way of working strategically and tactically. The facilitated workshop sessions are highly interactive and ensure experience-sharing with other delegates.   Built on lessons learnt, both good and bad, from real companies, this seminar provides you practices to deal with the real and tough challenges you will face.

Delegates will benefit from the experience and wisdom of the world leader on the topic. Roger Burlton’s book "Business Process Management: Profiting from Process" will also be provided to all who attend.

What you will learn

  • Understand what’s new in BPM practices and how these may work for you strategically
  • Be able to apply enterprise and process level techniques that are practical
  • How to set up an internal pragmatic BPM Centre of Expertise
  • Learn how to sell the Enterprise BPM value proposition and gain cross-organization acceptance
  • Be able to develop a process architecture that is the foundation for planning, budgeting, organization design, compliance, change management, SOA and the introduction of breakthrough BPMS technologies
  • See how to institute day-today process management and governance for continued progress

Main Topics

  • The Building Blocks of BPM
  • Enterprise Strategic Intent and Stakeholder Analysis: The Why of BPM
  • Process Architecture: The foundation for enterprise and process management
  • Process Organization Strategy and Measurement Systems
  • Incorporating Information, Knowledge and Business Rules
  • Aligning Enterprise Capabilities (Technological, Human and Facility)
  • Prioritizing Changes and Establishing a Program of Change
  • Leveraging Process Architecture into a Process Renewal Project
  • Human Change Management: Perceptions and Politics
  • Building a BPM Centre of Expertise
  • Workshops