Business Process Management:
Strategy, Architecture and Transformation

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This seminar takes on the very complex issue of Enterprise-level Business Process Management (BPM). More organizations are now striving to use their Business Processes as the basis for managing the Enterprise so they can create greater value for their customers and other stakeholders. They are trying to become more mature in managing cross functional and cross organizational work. This is helping them to make difficult decisions on how to actually invest scarce resources and manage the Business better.
Two days with Roger Burlton, the world leader in strategic methods for BPM, will help you adapt the methods into practice and provide you with a management system that will work for your organization based on the level of maturity you have and are aiming for. It addresses innovations in defining process oriented strategy, dealing with stakeholders affected by what you do, developing measurable process architectures, managing Business Processes as reusable assets of the Enterprise. It focuses on the critical role that processes play in connecting the strategic objectives of the organization with its resources and with what people do every day all in a traceable way. It is suitable for those with process experience and those seeking to learn a set of pragmatic practices packaged into a reusable method. The facilitated workshop sessions throughout the seminar are highly interactive utilizing a case study and ensure experience-sharing with other delegates. It is built on lessons learnt from real companies and many examples of these will be shared. This seminar provides you with realistic ways to deal with the tough challenges you are facing.

What you will learn

  • Understand what's new in end-to-end in strategic level BPM
  • Be able to apply Enterprise-wide process techniques that are practical
  • Learn how to set up an internal pragmatic BPM Centre of Expertise to help the organization move forward
  • Learn how to convince executives of the Enterprise BPM value proposition and gain cross-organization acceptance
  • Be able to develop an agile process architecture that is the foundation for planning, budgeting, organization design, compliance management, change management, SOA, and the introduction of breakthrough BPMS technologies
  • Discover how to move the culture of the organization towards a process-centric way of thinking and acting
  • See how to institute day-today process management and governance frameworks for continued progress

Main Topics

  • The Foundation of Process Centric Organizations and BPM
  • Business Strategic Intent and Stakeholder Analysis: The Why of BPM
  • Business Process Architecture: The foundation for cross functional Process Management
  • Process Centric Organization, Scorecard Measurement Systems and Governance
  • Incorporating Information, Knowledge and Business Rules
  • Aligning Enterprise Capabilities (Technological, Human and Facility)
  • Prioritizing Changes and Establishing a Transformation Portfolio
  • Human Change Management: Perceptions and Politics
  • Building a BPM Centre of Expertise