Venue, Hotel Reservation, etc..

Our Venue

Seminars take place in Rome at Residenza di Ripetta or Visconti Palace Hotel, some of the most fascinating venues of the historical center.

What You Will Get

Upon your arrival at the venue you will receive complete documentation about the seminar.

In some cases we supply a copy of the most recent book written by the speaker, provided it's strictly related with the topics of the seminar.

Coffee-breaks and business lunches will be offered to all participants during the days of the event.

What to Do in Rome

After attending our seminar or conference you might then want to go shopping or just sightseeing around the center of Rome!

Hotel Reservation

You might want to search a hotel in Rome and make a reservation directly from our web site.

Miss Some Information?

If you need more information please feel free to contact us via phone or email.