Web Application Servers

by John Kneiling


A new breed of software is taking the high ground by promising to meet most of these challenges. Application Servers are poised to provide nothing less than an integrated Java-based, Web-centric development, run-time and management environment.
This seminar provides an in-depth review of requirements for building and deploying Enterprise scale applications over the Web. It demonstrates the solutions provided by Application Server products including an in-depth analysis of a major commercial product.
It ranges over a number of additional products, examining and contrasting different internal architecture, and highlighting the advantages and disadvantages of each offering.

Main Topics

  • The History and Background of Web-Centric Applications
  • Integrated Development Environment Requirements
  • Run-Time Service Requirements for Web-Centric Applications
  • Application Servers: Approaches, Categories, and Architectures
  • Commercial Application Server Products
  • Application Servers and OTMs
  • Integrated Development Tools (IDE)
  • Application Server Integration
  • Future Directions in Application Servers