Secrets of Building Better Software with Use Cases

by Meilir Page-Jones


Use cases are at the core of a powerful technique for gathering, organizing and verifying users' business-systems requirements. In this course you will learn what use cases are and how to use them to understand, model and validate user requirements quickly but precisely.
The course covers not only use cases but also the little-known technique of business-event modeling. It shows how a through understanding of business events leads quickly to a clear, useful set of use cases.It continues by showing you how best to organize your use cases for validation and how to define use cases both distinctly and succinctly.
Finally, the course covers the benefits of use cases beyond the requirements gathering phase, in user-interface prototyping and design, system-architecture design, detailed software design, programming and testing.
Not forgetting project managers and team leaders, the course also shows how use cases form the backbone of the project-matrix technique for clearly planning and tracking projects.

Main Topics

  • Definition of "Use Case"
  • The context model
  • Modeling events
  • From events to Use Cases
  • Use Cases
  • Use Cases and the user interface
  • Use Cases and architecture
  • Use Cases and object-oriented design
  • Use Cases and Project Management