Web Farming for the Data Warehouse

by Richard Hackathorn


The goal of this seminar is "to organize outside data" as Drucker recommends. It is to move your company from an information refining process that is haphazard and intermittent to one that is systematic and continuous.
By blending with your existing warehousing systems, web farming can enable your company to adapt and even thrive upon the sudden changes happening in your industry.
This seminar provides you with the practical skills for evaluating and implementing web farming systems for your company. Covering both the technical and management aspects, this seminar captures the excitement and substance of this emerging area.
Web farming is a practical step toward knowledge management-a way of pushing the curve by leveraging your investment in data warehousing. Following an exclusive four-stage methodology, this seminar will minimize the risk of an unsuccessful implementation while maximizing the resulting benefits.
Web farming is a 'must-have' component of enterprise systems! Don't learn about the business potential of web farming from your competitors.
This is one IT wave that you must lead!

What you will learn

  • How to evaluate and classify a Web environment
  • How to evolve from basic to sophisticated levels of B2B and B2C Web environments
  • How to evaluate the value of emerging Web technologies
  • How to make effective tactical and strategic provisioning decisions
  • How to choose the appropriate Web software
  • How to manage complex licensing agreements
  • The future of the Web and how it is becoming a part of the overall information technology strategy for most Fortune 1000 companies.

Main Topics

  • What is Web Farming?
  • Why Web Farming?
  • Web Technology
  • Stage 1 - Getting Started
  • Secrets of Information Detective
  • Stage 2 - Getting Serious
  • Stage 3 - Getting Smart
  • XML In-Depth
  • Stage 4 - Getting Tough