International SOA Conference 2009

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by Max Dolgicer, Mike Rosen , Russell Jurney, Gerhard Bayer, Frank Greco, Beverly Bammel download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


TTI’s International Conference on SOA will answer key questions on how to bring your SOA to the next level. A lineup of experienced practitioners will present on topics that are crucial for any organization that wants to move beyond small scale projects and capitalize on SOA across projects, across the Enterprise, as well as Business partners.

There are many questions to ask and critical decisions to make: you have been building a SOA based on the more traditional Client/Server concept, but when should you use an Event Driven Architecture (EDA), and for which applications are REST-based Web Services the preferred approach? What are the Web 2.0 technologies that will drive some of these decisions? Services have started to proliferate throughout your organization – how do you put Governance structures in place before your SOA spins out of control like we have witnessed with point-to-point integration “quick fixes”?

How can you capitalize on the new killer applications that can turn IT into a competitive weapon for your Business, i.e. technologies that live on top of a SOA and require well architected services in order to provide the benefits they promise? These applications include Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), which lets your Business users see in real time how their Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are doing, and Complex Event Processing (CEP), which applies Business rules to correlate Real-Time Business events in order to detect important patterns – either to forewarn of potential threats or to increase the velocity of the Business.

Finally, moving to the next generation SOA requires an overhaul of your application development approach – Business process logic that needs to be implemented or changed quickly should not be coded in the traditional way. Business Process Management (BPM) has a synergy with SOA that can provide the needed flexibility to make alignment of Business and IT a reality.

Main Topics

  • SOA, Event Driven Architecture (EDA), and Complex Event Processing (CEP)
  • SOA + Business Process Management (BPM) = A strategy for agility
  • SOA as a foundation for Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
  • The battle between pure Web Services (WS*) and the Resource Oriented Architecture, a.k.a REST
  • Governance - the underpinning of next level SOA
  • Web 2.0 - the new face of SOA
  • Real life Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) deployment scenarios
  • SOA and the economics of Open Source Software