SOI (Service Oriented Integration):
Concepts, Technologies, and Best Practices

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This seminar starts with examples of integration projects that are typical for the challenges that companies are trying to address today. It then provides an overview of the concepts of SOA and its relationship to event based architectures. It outlines the key issues and guidelines that architects should consider when defining a Service Oriented Integration Architecture. The seminar will then provide you with an understanding of a complete integration “stack”, i.e. a comprehensive set of techniques and technologies for implementing all aspects of integration. This stack is mapped to the relevant standards (including Web Services) and the commercial tools that can support SOI architectures.

One of the key points of the seminar is a Case Study that illustrates how the concepts taught in the seminar have been applied in a real project implementation. Without a Best Practices based approach that is rooted in experience with SOI projects companies can not reap the benefits that Service Oriented Integration promises. Often companies end up with silos of services that are too difficult to integrate and manage. The Case Study explains the key architectural and design decisions that have been made in the project and how these decisions were applied. The end result is an Integration Architecture and a set of services that were reused beyond one particular project.

What you will learn

  • Understand how to employ a Service-Oriented Architecture for integration of your application Portfolio
  • Be able to define practical guidelines that can help different project teams make the best architecture and technology choices
  • Learn how services can enable and facilitate integration of applications within your Enterprise and across a B2B value chain
  • Distinguish between hype and reality so that you can put the technology to its optimal use in your organization

Main Topics

  • Defining The Need For Integration
  • First Things First: Building An Integration Architecture
  • Dissecting The Integration Puzzle: Techniques, Standards, And Tools
  • The Extended Integration Stack
  • Integration With Java EE, .NET, And Open Source Software
  • Using A Well-Defined Methodology For EAI Projects
  • Best Practices, Case Study, And Conclusions