Business Process: Modeling, Analysis, and Design

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This workshop oriented session is like no other session of its type offered anywhere in the world.  This seminar is unique in that it is built around a case study developed by the participants in team workshops. Consequently, participants leave with real world knowledge that can be used for accelerating their own projects.  It is the longest running session on process modeling, analysis and design in the world.  It specifically addresses the tactical aspects of process improvement project work.  Attendees have a unique opportunity to gain knowledge first hand from an instructor who is one of the pioneers in this area of training and consulting.  It is completely vendor independent and based on knowledge gained from over 17 years of consulting and training with hundreds of organizations of all types around the world.  No other offering is as complete, comprehensive or real-world in its approach. It has been presented over 500 times to more than 10,000 professionals including major consulting firms, many of the Fortune 500 companies and several government agencies. It can be found on many continents and in a number of languages.

What you will learn

  • The importance of properly managing the "people" aspect of process redesign
  • Critical Success Factors for process improvement
  • Practical process modeling and analysis and design techniques
  • How to avoid creeping project scope and analysis paralysis
  • The recommended tools currently available
  • Tips and Techniques for avoiding common pitfalls in process improvement projects

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Business Process Management
  • Define Process Project
  • Workshop: Defining Project & Process Scope
  • Capturing Process Knowledge
  • Modeling Current Process
  • Workshop: Modeling Process
  • Measuring Processes
  • Workshop: Measuring Process
  • Analyzing Processes
  • Workshop: Analyzing a Process
  • Creating New Processes
  • Workshop: Creating a Process
  • Designing New Processes
  • Validating New Processes
  • Selection of Tools