IT Megatrends:
Strategic Planning fo the Key IT Trends

by Ed Yourdon


As we enter a new decade and a new millennium, business executives, strategic planners, industry pundits, and technology forecasters are asking themselves "What will be the key issues, problems, and opportunities in the new millennium?"
Along with everyone else, the IT industry will surely be caught up in this process of strategic planning, introspection, reevaluation of the past, re-prioritizing of current activities, and forecasting of what's likely to be important over the next decade.
This kind of strategic planning is a critical activity in any organization, but there are a number of familiar obstacles that often prevent it from being as effective as it could be obstacles such as the distraction of current crises and fire-fighting activities, the "not-invented-here" syndrome, bureaucratic inertia, etc.
Thus, it's useful to have the outside perspective of a respected leader in the field, who has the opportunity to inject fresh and creative ideas into the planning process.
Ed Yourdon, who has long been considered one of the creative pioneers in the IT industry, brings exactly this kind of important perspective to organizations when he presents this IT Megatrends seminar.

Main Topics

  • A framework for viewing megatrends
  • Knowledge Management
  • System development
  • IT industry
  • System Architecture
  • Market Mechanisms
  • e-Business
  • Bandwidth
  • Organizational Matters
  • Collaboration