Compliance and Audit:
Managerial and Legal Aspects of Data Breach

by Dario Forte, Eoghan Casey, Marco Provvidera, Nick Meyne


As important as it is to comply with data protection and retention regulations, it is also fundamentally important to prepare for Breaches of sensitive information. Understanding the implications of and appropriate responses to such breaches are necessary to reduce the harm to employees, clients and customers whose data may be at risk and to ensure that the same perpetrator does not strike again. In addition, financial institutions and telecommunications companies are required to preserve certain data for regulatory purposes. Legal issues impacting organizations in Italy and throughout Europe are compared with US processes to provide an international perspective.  Practical exercises are designed to help internal audit and technical staff work together on Data Breach incidents, teaching each group what is needed by the other.

Main Topics

  • Legal Implications of Data Breach
  • International Implications of Data Breach
  • Digital Forensics and IT Security Management
  • Managing a Data Breach