Data Modeling Challenges:
A Hands-On Approach to Sharpening Your Modeling Skills!

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Ever ski? Each trail is graded a green circle for easy, a blue square for moderate, or a black diamond for difficult. The modeling challenges you face in the office can be put into similar categories.

This workshop includes a carefully selected collection of easy, moderate, and difficult scenarios. After mastering easy challenges, you'll advance to more moderate and difficult challenges. This is not just a lecture. You'll get hands-on experience. The more times you fall and pick yourselves up again, the more trees you hit, the more you challenge yourself, the more you'll grow your experiences and knowledge base.

Just like skiing, expect a fun yet intense day. By the completion of the workshop, you might be sore and sweaty, but you'll obtain a higher level of experience and have a few more techniques to apply when you get back to the office.

Each participant will receive a copy of all presentation material and a copy of the book “Data Modeling Made Simple”, by Steve Hoberman.

What you will learn

  • Identify Business requirements within a tight timeframe
  • Build a model that meets the Business needs using generic structures
  • Catch structural design issues before it’s too late

Main Topics

  • Module 1 contains the easy Green Trails. Green Trails will strengthen our skills in areas such as logical Data Modeling and definitions
  • Module 2 contains the moderate Blue Trails. Blue Trails will strengthen our skills in areas such as abstraction and surrogate keys
  • Module 3 contains the difficult Diamond Trails. Diamond Trails will strengthen our skills in areas such as advanced normalization and Dimensional Modeling