Integrating Web 2.0 into the Enterprise

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by Mike Ferguson, Colin White, Ed Yourdon, Stephanie Lemieux, Stephen Krol, Tony Byrne download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


There is significant interest about the role of Web 2.0 technologies in Enterprise systems and applications. Used wisely, Enterprise Web 2.0 approaches (dubbed “Enterprise 2.0”) can provide major benefits to both the Business and IT. Many organizations are confused, however, about what constitutes Enterprise 2.0, how to build a Business case for its use, how to select the right Web 2.0 technologies for any given project, and how to integrate Enterprise 2.0 approaches into the existing Enterprise IT environment.

This conference is designed to help attendees understand the importance and impact of Enterprise 2.0 from both a Business and technology viewpoint. It considers the use of Enterprise 2.0 from four perspectives: information access and integration, Web application development, Enterprise Collaboration, and business Intelligence. The conference not only discusses the Enterprise 2.0 technologies that support and enhance each of this four areas, but also the Business benefits that can be obtained, and how these technologies can be integrated with existing Enterprise systems.

Main Topics

  • The Why and How of Enterprise 2.0?
  • The Business Potential of Social Networking and Web 2.0
  • Designing and Building Rich Internet Applications (RIAs)
  • Incorporating Web 2.0 User Productivity Tools into the Enterprise
  • Adding Web 2.0 to Your Portal: Get Started and Best Practices
  • Social Networking Technologies: A Critical Evaluation
  • A Balanced Approach to Web 2.0 Content Governance
  • Using Mashups as an Enterprise 2.0 Strategy
  • Integrating Business Processes and Business Collaboration
  • Building Folksonomy and Taxonomy for the Enterprise
  • The Web Analytics Marketplace
  • The Convergence of Web 2.0 and Business Intelligence