Advanced Software Testing

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This course is designed for software testers that want to go deeper than the basic concepts. Attendees will learn how to create an effective test strategy, how to design creative test cases, how to optimize test cases to get the most testing from the fewest number of cases and how to measure and report the results of testing.Attendees will leave this course with a solid foundation for testing in situations which are very diverse and dynamic. This course is centered around a common Case Study which builds throughout the course.Advanced Software Testing will help you reach the next level in your testing skills. You will emerge from this three-day session knowing how to plan and conduct tests in diverse and complex environments.

What you will learn

  • Describe the major software development lifecycles and how testing fits into those methodologies
  • Develop a test strategy
  • Write a high-level test plan
  • Develop test scripts and test cases using a wide variety of techniques
  • Create decision tables
  • Get the most testing from the least number of test cases
  • Track and control test scripts and cases
  • Assess risk from the project, technical and Business perspectives
  • Describe which tools are the best to use in a particular test
  • Describe effective test tools available
  • Write meaningful test reports
  • Measure your testing efforts
  • Use the results from testing to improve the testing process and other processes

Main Topics

  • Test Planning Overview: Strategies and Tactics
  • Advanced Test Design Strategies
  • Module ISTB - Advanced Test Case Design Techniques
  • Risk Assessment
  • Test Tool Overview
  • Performance Testing
  • Advanced Test Evaluation and Analysis
  • Metrics and Measurements
  • Test Evaluation and Reporting