Web Services and XML:
Tools, Technologies, and Architecture

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Web Services and XML are the technologies of choice for mainstream applications across virtually every major industry today. The standards and specifications for this technology are defined by W3C, Oasis, and other groups, as well as the vendors themselves, who support .NET, Java, and other implementations. This seminar guides delegates through these architectural approaches, and examines tools and products that support the development of Web Services and XML applications and frameworks, including XML vocabularies, design, and organization, Web Services and XML implementation of a service-oriented architecture (SOA), .NET and Java application servers, object-relational-XML mapping, XML databases, and XML middleware. The course emphasizes best-practices in Web Services and XML development.

What you will learn

  • Apply Service-oriented Architecture to Web Services and XML Applications
  • Develop applications to Web Services specifications
  • Design a Web Services Application
  • Develop an XML schema to support business requirements
  • Identify organizations that support and develop XML industry standards
  • Choose an Application Server that conforms to Web Services and XML Standards
  • Understand the strengths and weakness of .NET and Java implementations
  • Integrate .NET and Java applications using Web Services
  • Choose an XML DMBS product
  • Develop an XML database
  • Query an XML database
  • Integrate data and applications using XML middleware
  • Map XML, Relational, and Object-oriented databases
  • Implement and understand Web Services and XML Best Practices

Main Topics

  • XML Technology
  • Basic Web Services Technology
  • Advanced Web Services Technology
  • Developing XML Applications
  • Developing Web Services Applications
  • Developing and Integrating XML and Databases
  • Application Integration Strategies
  • Integrating Legacy Applications with Web Services
  • Web Services Enterprise Integration
  • XML Best Practices
  • Web Services Best Practices
  • Building a Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE)