Enterprise Data Integration and Master Data Management

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This new 2-day seminar is designed to help companies formally define and manage their data. It explores the whole area of Enterprise Data Management including how to establish an Enterprise Data Architecture, Data Integration and Master Data Management technologies and opening up access to information by enabling Information As A Services (IAAS) that can be consumed by portals, processes and applications. This class covers the following main points;

  • An introduction to Enterprise Data Management
  • Establishing a data architecture and competency centre for the Enterprise
  • Enterprise Metadata Management
  • Integration of common Metadata with data modelling and Data Integration tools
  • Moving to Enterprise Data Quality and Data Quality Services
  • Enterprise Data Integration - EII, ETL, data synchronisation and data replication
  • The Data Integration technology marketplace
  • Unstructured Data Integration and Enterprise Content Management
  • Service Oriented on-demand integration of structured and unstructured data
  • Using Data Integration technologies for Event-Driven Data Integration, on-demand Data Federation, Data Migration, Data Consolidation, Data Synchronisation and Master Data Management
  • Master Data Management approaches - Registry approach vs Master Data Integration vs Enterprise MDM
  • MDM Technologies available in the marketplace
  • The Integration of MDM and Business Intelligence
  • Integration of MDM and operational processes
  • Leveraging Data Integration and MDM in a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
  • Sharing access to Master Data via Master Data Services
  • Master Data Event Management