Applying Web Technology to the Enterprise

by John Kneiling


This seminar shows how to select, deploy, and manage emerging Enterprise-level Web technologies.
It demonstrates how any Enterprise can make the best tactical and strategic decisions for competitive advantage, reducing operating costs, improving productivity, and leveraging out-sourced development and hosting opportunities.
The emphasis is on implementing Enterprise Web environments that integrate e-Commerce, portals, and other Enterprise applications.

What you will learn

  • How to evaluate and classify a Web environment
  • How to evolve from basic to sophisticated levels of B2B and B2C Web environments
  • How to evaluate the value of emerging Web technologies
  • How to make effective tactical and strategic provisioning decisions
  • How to choose the appropriate Web software
  • How to manage complex licensing agreements
  • The future of the Web and how it is becoming a part of the overall information technology strategy for most Fortune 1000 companies.

Main Topics

  • The Enterprise and the Web
  • Key Web Applications
  • Trends In Deploying and Operating Web Applications
  • Web Architectures, Technologies, and Products
  • Web Support Strategies