Testing SOA

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This course teaches the unique considerations for testing Service-Oriented Architectures (SOAs). Service-Oriented Architectures are comprised of "loosely coupled software services to support the requirements of the Business processes and software users. In an SOA environment, resources on a network are made available as independent services that can be accessed without knowledge of their underlying platform implementation". Because of the focus on support of the Business or organization, the emphasis in this course is placed on Business-oriented black-box and gray-box Testing, although other views of Testing are also covered, such as integration and interoperability Testing, security Testing and performance Testing. You will start by learning the basics of SOAs and then learn how to create a Testing strategy for your own SOA implementations. Then, you will learn effective processes and techniques for implementing detailed SOA tests. Since SOAs may be deployed in a variety of environments, this course does not assume a particular environment or tool set. However, the Testing techniques will address many of the most common types of SOA implementations and will show examples of some of the more popular SOA test tools.

What you will learn

  • The basic issues and risks of Testing Service-Oriented Architectures
  • How to create a test strategy for your own Service-Oriented Architectures
  • Processes and techniques for SOA Testing in diverse environments, including Business process validation
  • The nature and purpose of SOA test tools
  • How to leverage SOA test tools in diverse environments
  • The process for performing security, perform and integration Testing in SOAs
  • How to build and manage a test environment that starts to simulate the operational environment