A new Internet Vision: Web 2.0 and beyond

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After a decade of Client-Server applications, and another decade of first-generation Internet/Web applications, a new "wave" of technology is upon us. It includes technologies like Ajax and Ruby on Rails, as well as slightly older technologies like XML. But it also involves more strategic architectural issues: combining content and components of independently developed Web sites and Internet applications, and doing so in a way that is flexible and adaptable, and to a much larger extent than ever before, controllable by end-users.

This seminar is intended for technical managers, planners, system architects, software engineers, and developers who need to decide which Web 2.0 applications make sense for their Business (and which do not), and how those applications should be built with new tools and development environments, as well as existing components, systems, and tools. It also provides an overview of the tools, products, and technology plans of several major vendors upon whom IT departments have been depending for their current generation of systems.

For information, articles and news on Web 2.0: www.yourdon.com/blog

Main Topics

  • Basic themes and principles
  • History: when did it start?
  • Technology
  • Products and vendors
  • Business issues
  • Cultural/philosophical issues
  • Trends