A guide to Master Data Management

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Implemented correctly, Master Data Management can provide significant Business benefits in terms of improving productivity, reducing risk, and increasing revenues. However, there is considerable confusion in the marketplace about what MDM is, and about the best approach to building and deploying an MDM environment. This seminar clearly defines MDM, identifies its Business benefits, distinguishes it from Master Data Integration, and takes an in-depth look at different approaches to building an MDM environment. Also covered will be the steps to help you get started in MDM, things to watch out for, and other considerations for your implementation. The result is a master Data Management strategy and plan that will enable you to move to a full Enterprise Master Data Management environment in an iterative and managed approach.

What you will learn

  • Why Master Data Management?
  • What is Master Data Management (MDM)?
  • The Role of MDM in the IT Environment
  • Master Data Management versus Master Data Integration
  • Building an Integrated MDM Environment
  • The Role of MDM in the IT Infrastructure
  • Selecting the Right MDM Technologies and Products
  • The Role of a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Getting Started on an MDM Project

Main Topics

  • Why Master Data Management?
  • Building an MDM Environment
  • Selecting the Right MDM Technologies and Products
  • Learning from Experience