International Summit 2007 on
Business Intelligence 2.0

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by Mike Ferguson, Claudia Imhoff, Colin White, Stephen Few, Cindi Howson download a PDF brochure Download Event Brochure


Companies are successfully using Business Intelligence (BI) applications to measure and optimize the performance of daily Business operations, and to do strategic and tactical Business planning.

The demands of the today's fast-paced Business environment, however, are forcing companies to improve their BI environments to make them easier to use, to enable them to be accessed by a wider user audience, and to provide self-service and actionable Business information in a timelier manner.

At the same time new information technologies are being introduced into the organization that will not only dramatically increase the volume and type of data that is available to BI applications, but also change the way users process and share Business information.

Examples of these technologies include blogs, wikis, instant messaging, enterprise sort, and Business user workplaces

What you will learn

This international Conference will provide you with the latest information and best practices about business intelligence. It will focus specifically on new and evolving business intelligence technologies and solutions and how they can be used to optimize business operations and improve Business user productivity.

Main Topics

  • Business Intelligence 2.0
  • How to Compete Using Business Analytics
  • Choosing the Right BI Tools
  • Building a Collaborative BI Environment
  • Integrating BI into Excel and Office 2007
  • Intelligent Dashboard Design
  • The Impact of Operational BI and MDM on the Business
  • Business Intelligence Product and Technology Directions
  • Intelligent Visual Analytics
  • A Business Process and Performance Management Framework for the Intelligent Business
  • The Role of Web 2.0 in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • Deploying a Service-Oriented Architecture for BI