Implementing Service Oriented Applications:
An Introduction to Service Oriented Analysis, Modeling e Design

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A SOA-based approach to application development promises that applications can be developed with less effort, once an inventory of Business services has been implemented that provides much of the functionality required by new applications. Furthermore, application logic that is typically referred to as Business process logic, can be elevated from the level of coding to the level of service orchestration through GUI driven modeling. This can be facilitated through Business Process Management (BPM) tools and higher level process languages. This seminar introduces Service Oriented analysis, modeling and design. It provides an overview of the key qualities of Service Oriented Architectures like reusability, statelessness, loose coupling, and composability of services, to name a few. Keeping these qualities in mind is essential when defining a SOA that is based on well thought through service layers and service boundaries. These qualities form a continuous thread into the modeling of orchestration services, application services and infrastructure which can also be called foundation services. The seminar then drills down into high level service design and how Web Services can be used to form the basis for service design and development. The abstract concepts of SOA are contrasted against the characteristics of the core and extended Web Services standards and illustrated through a Case Study.

What you will learn

  • Understand the key elements of a Service Oriented Software Development Life Cycle
  • Identify the differences between traditional analysis and Service Oriented analysis
  • Learn a step by step approach to Service Oriented modeling
  • Understand how the core and extended Web Services standards can be used as foundation technologies and how they relate to Service Oriented design
  • Discover the principles of Service Oriented design
  • Understand how service oriented analysis, modeling and design differs from Component Oriented analysis and design

Main Topics

  • How to Define a Service Oriented Architecture
  • Service Oriented Analysis and Modeling
  • Selecting Technologies for Service Design & Development
  • Service Design