Business Modeling Fundamentals

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This seminar will explore the business ideas in the Zachman Enterprise Architecture. The hands on session familiarises the delegate with the constructs by utilising a case study method.
This seminar has been assembled with the assistance of previous attendees and their suggestions about the best practices, subsequently reviewed by John Zachman and Stan Locke.

What you will learn

  • To differentiate the classification primitives and implementation composites
  • To understand the Zachman business model representations
  • To understand the current state of business analysis and abstraction accuracy
  • To understand the differences in planning and implementation models
  • To gain an insight into basic framework models and their business use
  • To understand the role of repositories and software tools in managing the models

Main Topics

  • Identifying Enterprise Scope
  • Scope Development Workshop
  • Identifying and Defining Business Models
  • Business Modelling Workshop
  • Modeling Facilitation
  • Modeling Tools And Support