Managing Death-March Projects

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Why a Corporate Strategy for IT – What’s in it for You?

Developments in IT and the world economy have changed the paradigm for corporate IT people and the strategies they lead. Consumers and Business managers are increasingly confident at exploiting technology in ways that they value.  Meanwhile, executives remain determined to constrain IT spending, not always certain of what they get in return. The economic climate makes it even more important to understand the links between value creation and IT costs.
The Corporate Strategy for IT harnesses the energy of business-led strategies for exploiting IT, to create maximum total value.  It also makes transparent the linkages between Business decisions and IT costs - often with some very surprising results.

What This Seminar Will Give You

This seminar provides a proven framework for deeply integrating IT with corporate and business strategies, exploring the impact on investments, operating costs, Enterprise Architecture, organisation, and sourcing. 
Taking a strategic Business perspective of IT, the seminar reviews where the IT market currently stands.  What does this mean for existing and new investments in IT, for IT organisations and the people they work with? 
Many delegates who have already attended this seminar find that it permanently changes their understanding of what Corporate Strategies for IT are all about.

Main Topics

  • Death-March Politics
  • Death-March Negotiations
  • Death-March Peopleware issues 
  • Death-March Processes
  • The Dynamics of Processes
  • Simulators and “War Games” for modeling Death-March Projects
  • Death-March Project Control
  • Death-March Tools
  • Death-March as a way of life