Business Process Management

by Ted Lewis


Change is one of the foremost, if not the most important Business topic today. To address these rapidly changing critical organizational, management, and technology issues, Business Process Management has become the preeminent innovative Business performance technique over the past twelve years.
This seminar will help all individuals to better understand Business Process Management by gaining insights into Business process concepts and principles; use of Business process change enablers; a structured methodology for Business process development, design and management; and Business process modeling and analysis concepts; and Business process tools, techniques and technologies.
This seminar will also address WHY organizations fail or succeed in implementing Business Process Management. These insights will enable executives, managers and employees to fully appreciate the full impact of Business Process Management and, thus, be more proactive and effective in implementing this concept within their organizations.

What you will learn

  • Gain familiarity with the general concepts and principles of Business Process Management
  • Understand why and how organizations have failed or succeeded in implementing Business Process Management
  • Fully understand and appreciate the role of Business process change enablers, such as the people, organizational structure and culture, and Information Technology, and why and how they should be effectively integrated within Business Process Management
  • Gain in-depth understanding of a specific, eight-phased, structured methodology for Business Process Management in order to effectively develop and implement Business processes within organizations
  • Fully understand and appreciate the development of a top-down Business process architecture, through value chain concepts, and gain familiarity in scoping the Business process model and its characteristics as a critical element of Business Process Management
  • Become familiar with the application of various business process modeling and analytical tools, techniques and technologies to the current "AS-IS" and future "TO-BE" business process models.
  • Understand why and how to effectively automate business processes with different technologies
  • Understand Business Process Management in the context of current organizational, management and technology issues and practices

Main Topics

  • Overview of the Business Environment
  • Key Concepts and Principles Underlying Business Process Management
  • Best Practices for Business Process Management
  • The Enabling Process and the Use of Business Process Change Enablers
  • A Structured Methodology for Business Process Management
  • Business Process Architecture, Modeling and Analysis Concepts
  • Automating Business Processes
  • Key Business Process Management Issues
  • Specific examples from different fields and industries