Enabling Web Applications

by John Kneiling


Learn how to deploy the best emerging Web technology for competitive advantage, to reduce operating costs, and to improve productivity. This seminar explores the strengths, weaknesses, and Best Practices for available and emerging tools, and technologies. This is not an overview - delegates will leave with a practical, not theoretical, understanding of Web development practices, strategies, techniques, technology, tool vendors, and methodology for e-Commerce, Data Warehouse, Web Portals, and operational applications. The seminar employs a number of case studies and step-by-step processes to illustrate application development approaches and techniques, information architecture, component design, presentation, Business, and data logic partitioning, legacy system wrapping, and other major topics.

What you will learn

  • How to develop and deploy enterprise application on the Web
  • How to customize a methodology for small, medium and large applications
  • How to apply Web development techniques to Enterprise applications
  • How to use specific technologies such as EJB, .NET, XML and Web Services
  • How to use development platforms from major vendors
  • How to test Web applications
  • How to create and implement Web application security
  • How to monitor and improve Web application performance
  • The future of Web application development