Using BPM to Measure and Manage Your Business

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Companies have been successfully using Business Intelligence (BI) applications for many years to measure the Performance of Business operations, and to do strategic and tactical Business planning.
The demands of the today's fast-paced Business environment, however, are forcing companies to improve their BI environments to make them easier to use, to enable them to be accessed by a wider user audience, and to deliver actionable Business information to users in a timelier manner.
The technology of choice for doing this is Business Performance Management (BPM). This one-day seminar provides an in-depth guide to BPM technology and also reviews approaches for building and deploying BPM solutions and applications.

Main Topics

  • What is Business Performance Management (BPM)?
  • The Business Case for BPM
  • BPM versus Business Intelligence
  • BPM Methodologies and Techniques
  • Dashboards versus Scorecards
  • The Business User Workspace
  • Strategic BPM: Linking BI to Business Planning
  • Operational and Tactical BPM: Optimizing the Business
  • A BPM Framework for the Smart Business
  • Choosing BPM Products
  • BPM Best Practices and Case Studies