SOA Governance: the key for improving SOA maturity

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Once a company has completed initial SOA projects, the number of deployed services increases such that the key question is no longer how to build services, but rather how to efficiently govern them. At this point companies reach a SOA maturity level where they want to take a systematic approach to achieving better ROI as well as improve Business agility.
The focus of a Governance oriented SOA is typically on reusability (potentially across Lines of Business and business partners), reducing the application portfolio complexity be eliminating redundant functionality, securing how a growing number of users accesses integrated applications, and assuring that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are met.
This seminar first explains how IT, Enterprise Architecture (EA), and SOA Governance relate; it then provides an overview of service life cycle governance from service design time to change time, and the discusses the considerations for implementing a SOA Center of Excellence. The seminar also shows how to develop a roadmap for SOA evolution and closes with a Case Study that illustrates an ROI model for service reuse.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to SOA
  • IT Governance
  • Enterprise Architecture Governance
  • The need for SOA Governance and the benefits it can provide
  • SOA Governance overview
  • Architecture Governance
  • Service lifecycle Governance
  • SOA Governance tools
  • Repositories & registries
  • Standards
  • SOA Center of Excellence (COE)
  • Evolving SOA governance – a typical lifecycle
  • Developing a roadmap for SOA adoption
  • Return on Investment (ROI) – a client example