Agile Project Management and Software Development Workshop

by Jim Highsmith


This course covers the principles and practices of Agile Project Management with a specific focus on Information Technology and software Development projects. The "flavor" of Agile Development emphasized in this workshop is Jim Highsmith's "Adaptive Software Development."
Agile Project Management spotlights extreme projects, those that test the limits of exploration: tight schedules, fluctuating requirements, leading edge technology and high quality. In today's turbulent Business environment, speed, flexibility, adaptability and responsiveness are key characteristics required for success.
Whether your key projects involve implementing a new CRM system, developing custom software, or installing the latest Web services technology, traditional Project Management and software development practices fall short. These types of projects require new ideas and innovative Project Management and development practices.
The course begins by defining exploration projects and addressing the principles of Agile Development. It then investigates key practices within each major project Management process: Project Initiation, Project Planning, Project Execution, Project Closing. Across each of these major processes, Project Management, collaboration and software development practices are covered.
Recently, articles on Agile Development have appeared in Software Development, Application Development Trends, IEEE Computer, IEEE Software, CIO Magazine and the Economist.
In our highly volatile Business and technology environment, Senior IT and product Management Executives who are spending tens of millions of dollars on IT infrastructures, e-Business initiatives, wireless applications and new product development, can't rely solely on traditional software development and Project Management practices.