Data Integration and Knowledge Management Conference

by Mike Ferguson, Zach Wahl, Colin White, Michael Brackett


Information is power, and although companies have no shortage of information, most of it is stored on disparate systems, and managed by a wide range of disintegrated applications and data systems.
In many companies, large amounts of data and information are not even in an electronic form. To leverage its data, information, and knowledge assets, a company must create an integrated architecture that can delivery accurate and consistent information to Business users and applications.
This conference takes a detailed look at the latest developments in managing and integrating the many different types of data and Meta Data that exists in organizations.
It discusses the latest data integration technologies and products, and reviews different approaches used in organizations to integrate data, information, and knowledge.

Main Topics

  • A data integration and Content Management framework for the Enterprise
  • Taxonomy and ontology development for Knowledge Management
  • Using an Enterprise Portal for information delivery and collaboration
  • Tools and techniques for Enterprise search
  • Solutions for integrating structured and unstructured data
  • On-demand data for the Real-Time Enterprise
  • Gaining control of your Meta Data
  • Managing data quality in data integration projects
  • Approaches to setting up a data integration center
  • Rules and rules engines for data integration
  • Relational and XML database trends
  • Techniques and tools for integrating your ERP and CRM data