Measuring and Managing IT Performance
- Creating the CIO's Dashboard

by Ken Rau


Understanding your organization's investment in "and return on" information technology (IT) is key to managing business risk, deriving value from IT and delivering ROI.
This seminar's focus is on the routine reporting of IT results in an easy-to-understand format available through a readily accessible venue-the CIO's "dashboard"of performance measures. With easy to understand data, presented in a clear manner, measuring ROI from your IT initiatives is much easier and extensible to other areas of the company.
In this seminar, you will learn just how to accomplish this goal.
This program is not theoretical. It is hands-on, packed with tools and resources, and delivers the system you can implement upon return to your office to begin measuring true IT ROI through a dashboard approach.

What you will learn

Through presentations, real world case studies, and practical workshop exercise, you will hear:

  • How to design and implement a program of IT performance measures that are tailored to and right for your organization
  • Learn what works
  • Learn how to proceed
  • What not to do in implementing a CIO and other process Dashboards in your organization

Main Topics

  • Use of the Balanced Scorecard for IT Performance Management
  • Creating the IT Process Model to Identify Measures of Effectiveness and Efficiency
  • Establishing the IT Value Proposition
  • The Performance Management Data Mart