Wireless Network Security

by Jimmy Donohue


As wireless LANs explode in popularity and implementation, so does the need for securing these networks. Wireless security, and the lack thereof, is a daily headline in IT news.
Security for wireless solutions cannot come from a single software protocol or hardware solution, but from educated wireless networking professionals implementing multiple safeguards.
In this 3-day wireless class, you will learn the wireless technology standards, governing bodies, hardware, RF math, RF behavior, basic security, troubleshooting, and site-survey methodology.
Without this background, sorting out the puzzling array of wireless protocols, examine their operation and security implications, and explore key security issues that are unique to m-commerce would be impossible.
The class' lectures and demos show you multiple wireless solutions, wireless attacks and hacking, and countermeasures to defend your wireless network from internal and Internet threats.
Review WEP, 802.1x security technologies and develop wireless security policies. This class provides all the essentials for managing the risks of Wireless Security.

What you will learn

  • Explore emerging wireless technologies
  • Anatomy of a wireless attack and defensive techniques
  • Define and demonstrate various threats to wireless security
  • Discuss current and future solutions to security risks
  • Understand how wireless technology evolved
  • Discussions of wireless standards and protocols
  • Detailed discussions on wireless encryption technology

Main Topics

  • 802.11 (b, a, & g) Architecture and Security
  • Threats and Mitigation Techniques for 802.11 Networks
  • Security Policies and Auditing Techniques for 802.11 Networks
  • New Standards and Techniques for Authentication and Encryption on 802.11 networks