Advanced Dimensional Data Warehouse Design Workshop

by Michael Schmitz


This seminar addresses advanced issues involved in designing the physical database structures necessary to support both the anticipated and the un-anticipated analytical requirements of the enterprise.
Participants learn advanced Dimensional Data Warehouse Design techniques of to handle the difficult design problems.
Students leave with the understanding of how different design choices affect both the usability and performance of their database design.
The last day of the class focuses on the ETL processes necessary to support their designs.
This seminar is 50% hands-on and 50% lecture. Participants work in teams as they develop solutions for difficult design problems.
Their solutions are then analyzed and simulated for both usability and performance providing important feedback to the student on their design choices.

What you will learn

  • An understanding of the more difficult design problems facing the Data Warehouse designer
  • How to handle large dimension table issues
  • Developing the physical design
  • How to handle dimension table attribute history
  • Hands on design experience

Main Topics

  • Fact Table Issues
  • Dimension Table Issues
  • Physical Design
  • Aggregation Strategies and Implementation
  • Extracting, Transforming, and Loading