Web Content Management Systems:
Principles, Practices and Products

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Join us for a two-day tutorial that can help you and your team understand Web Content Management concepts, technologies, products, and best practices/ CMS Watch founder Tony Byrne leads an intensive introduction to Web Content Management functionality, products, and usage.

Main Topics

  • How to build a business case for implementing a more automated Web Content Management System
  • How Web Content Management differs from Enterprise Content Management and other related disciplines and tools
  • 16 steps in the Web CMS lifecycle: questions you should ask of your team, and how vendors differ in how they achieve basic functionality
  • 7 categories of Web CMS products, including features and typical price ranges
  • Variations in commercial and open source tools
  • How to start evaluating and ultimately select suitable technologies for an enterprise
  • How to address key governance issues
  • Contemporary technology and business trends
  • The most common CMS pitfalls, and best practices for avoiding them