Web Information Architecture for the Enterprise

by John Kneiling


The Web is a fundamental shift that has changed the way we conduct business in a network economy.
For many organizations, it has fostered a business model change from product-centric or Line of Business-orientation to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
It has enabled many companies to greatly enhance their B2B and B2E (Business to Employee) relationships by providing and gathering information across the company, and around the world.
To leverage these opportunities, however, enterprises that plan to build large, complex web sites or intranets to need to invest significant time and energy in their web site's information architecture.

What you will learn

  • How to see a Web site from the perspective of a user
  • The role of the information architect in developing a web site
  • The difference between site design and page design
  • Options for building organization structures and schemas
  • How to choose a strategy for making a web site browse-able
  • How to effectively label content
  • How to understand how people really search
  • How to research your site's mission, vision, budget, timeline, audiences, content, and functionality
  • Tools and approaches for capturing ideas that drive the information architecture
  • Blueprints for guiding the production of the site

Main Topics

  • The Role of Information Architecture
  • Information Organization
  • Navigating Information
  • Labeling Information
  • Searching for Information
  • Researching Providers and Consumers
  • Conceptual Design
  • Bring the Site to Production
  • Operating the Site
  • Case Study