Enterprise Architecture

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Enterprise Architecture is fundamental for enabling an Enterprise to assimilate internal changes in response to the external dynamics and uncertainties of the information age environment.
It not only constitutes a baseline for managing change, but also provides the mechanism by which the reality of the Enterprise and its systems can be aligned with management intentions.
The objective of this seminar is to build an understanding of the concepts of Enterprise Architecture and develop a sense of urgency for implementing those concepts in a modern Enterprise.

What you will learn

  • A sense of urgency for aggressively pursuing Enterprise Architecture
  • A definition (description) of Enterprise Architecture
  • A "language" (that is, a Framework) for improving Enterprise communications about architecture issues
  • An understanding of basic Enterprise physics
  • An understanding of Enterprise engineering design objectives
  • An understanding of the cultural changes implied by process evolution
  • Some pragmatic approaches for implementation
  • Issues for inclusion in an Enterprise Architecture strategy
  • Architecture Principles for meeting Enterprise requirements
  • A list of resources to facilitate architectural work

Main Topics

  • Introduction to Enterprise Architecture
  • Industrial Age Breakdown
  • Enterprise Engineering Design Objectives
  • Value Proposition
  • Implementation Practicalities
  • Frequently Asked Questions