Developing Web Applications for the Enterprise

by John Kneiling


The seminar shows how an Enterprise can use the best emerging Web technology for corporate deployment for competitive advantage, to reduce operating costs, and to improve productivity.
It describes strengths, weaknesses, and best practices for of available tools and technologies.
This is not an overview: delegates will leave with a practical, not theoretical, understanding of Web development technology for operational systems as well B2B, B2C, and B2E e-Commerce.

What you will learn

  • How to use the Web as an application development platform
  • How to leverage intranets, extranets, and the Internet
  • Enabling technologies such as Web Application Servers, XML, and portals.
  • How to apply key Web development techniques Enterprise applications
  • How to map enabling technologies to Web architectures
  • How to fit Web development tools and vendors to your Web strategy
  • How to evaluate, test, and select Web development
  • The future of the Web development

Main Topics

  • The Web and the Enterprise
  • Protocols and Languages
  • Using XML for Web Interoperation
  • Web and Internet APIs
  • Using Java for Web Enterprise Applications
  • The JavaBeans Component Model
  • Microsoft's ActiveX Development Platform
  • JavaBeans vs. ActiveX
  • Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM)
  • EJB vs. COM
  • Web Application Servers and Development Frameworks
  • Key Development Techniques
  • Designing and Implementing Web Component Interfaces
  • Integrating the Web and the Enterprise
  • Case Studies