Managing e-Business Development Projects

by Ed Yourdon


A large percentage of IT development projects today are focused on e-business applications. And while one could argue that "a project is a project is a project," it's also obvious that e-business projects are significantly different from the older client-server and mainframe systems in at least three significant ways.
First, they almost always have extremely aggressive schedules and deadlines. Second, they are usually described as "mission-critical, and third, the systems are highly visible to the marketplace, rather than being buried in the "back office".
The time pressures for e-business development projects have tempted many project teams to simply abandoned whatever degree of discipline and formal process methodology.
That may have succeeded in first-generation e-business projects; but the risks of building a mission-critical system that's unstable, buggy, non-scalable, and vulnerable to hacker attacks is forcing more and more companies to look for a "middle ground" compromise between anarchy and the overly bureaucratic project-management approaches from the 1980s and 1990s.
This seminar describes that middle ground.

Main Topics

  • E-business: Project Negotiations
  • E-business: Aspetti di Project Peopleware
  • E-business: Project Processes
  • E-business: Project Management
  • E-business: Project Tools
  • E-business: Projects as a way of life