E-Commerce Application Servers, Tools and Frameworks

by John Kneiling


A new breed of Web environment software is meeting the challenges of interactive transactions, decision support, and e-Commerce.
Web Application Servers provide an integrated development, run-time, and management environment.
These products can integrate traditional back-end infrastructure with emerging technologies like XML.
This seminar explores the major offerings in this area and teaches delegates how to exploit this software for Enterprise advantage.

What you will learn

  • What does a Web Application Server do? Why it is needed?
  • How do the major products compare?
  • How do Web Application Servers support XML?
  • What are the criteria for selecting the right Web Application Server?
  • How does an Enterprise determine the fit of these products into its overall strategy?
  • How can Web Application Servers be integrated with the rest of your environment, including legacy applications, packaged ERP applications, and backend databases?

Main Topics

  • The History and Background of Web-Centric Applications
  • Integrated Development Environment Requirements
  • Run-Time Service Requirements for Web-Centric Applications
  • Application Servers: Approaches, Categories, and Architectures
  • Commercial Application Server Products
  • Application Servers and OTMs
  • Integrated Development Tools (IDE)
  • Application Server Integration
  • Future Directions in Application Servers