Customer Intelligence

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The is a widespread acknowledgement that marketing is currently in some crisis as the traditional mass marketing reliance on brand and advertising is failing to compete effectively with approaches to differentiated marketing that are based on superior Customer Intelligence. These changes, or transitions, form the basis of the new framework that Sean Kelly presents. In all there are eight critical transitions that will be explored and debated during the course of this seminar:

  • From Product to Customer
  • From Data to Knowledge   
  • From Many to One
  • From Fuzzy to Focused
  • From Lapsed to Real
  • From Surveillance to Permission
  • From Monologue to Dialog
  • From Selling to Buying

Now that Enterprises are tackling the design of comprehensive customer information architectures this seminar provides delegates with the opportunity to hear how to identify the enablers and inhibitors from the worlds leading authority on Customer Intelligence.

Shifts within consumer segments is now recognised worldwide as one of the greatest management challenges for the next decade. Anyone facing the challenge of deciding if they need to move away from mass marketing to a more differentiated marketing approach will benefit from the analysis and first hand experience of one of the worlds leading practitioners in this field.

The delegates will also receive a copy of the book "Customer Intelligence" by Sean Kelly.