Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit 2004

by Mike Ferguson, Claudia Imhoff, Colin White, Danilo Poccia, Wolfgang Martin


Information is power, and providing the right information to the right Business user at the right time is a critical component in enabling companies to be competitive and profitable.
Business Intelligence applications and their underlying Data Warehouses have been successful in providing executives and managers with the integrated and quality Business information they need for effective decision making, but many organizations are still not reaping the benefits of their Business Intelligence (BI) and Data Warehouse investment.
Business Intelligence is generated by information producers who often do not know how to leverage Business Intelligence in core Business processes. Also, most Business Intelligence is static and is not being used to manage Business operations, or to drive new Business initiatives.
This conference presents a blueprint for bridging the Business and information technology divide. It discusses how Business Intelligence and Corporate Performance Management technologies and tools can be used to better understand and optimize Business processes to reduce costs and increase profits.

Main Topics

  • A BI Blueprint and Roadmap for Bridging the Business and IT Divide
  • Using Corporate Performance Management to Build the Smart Business
  • Formal and Informal Scorecard Methodologies
  • BI Product Assessment Guide for Corporate Performance Management
  • The Role of the BI Competency Center in Corporate Performance Management
  • Collaborative Tools and Techniques for the Smart Business
  • Real-Time Data-on-Demand: EAI, BAM, EII, or ETL?
  • Getting Control of Your Information: approaches to Data Mart Consolidation
  • Closing the Loop Using Rules-Driven Action Management
  • Meta Data Integration: the Route to a Shared Business Vocabulary and Trusted Metrics
  • Building an Integrated Data Warehousing and BI Infrastructure