Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Summit 2003

by Mike Ferguson, Jonathan Geiger, Colin White, Jeff Tash, William McKnight


In today's tough Business climate, organizations are making increasing use of Business Intelligence systems and their underlying Data Warehouses to improve Business performance, reduce costs and increase profits.
Business Intelligence systems are no longer nice to have, but essential to Business success.
These systems are now being used not only for strategic and tactical planning, but also for driving day-to-day Business operations.
To meet increasing customer demand for more advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities, vendors in many different parts of the IT industry are rapidly adding and improving the Business Intelligence technology and facilities provided in their products.

What you will learn

This Conference looks at the current state-of-the-art in Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, reviews industry trends and discusses how organizations are taking advantage of new Business Intelligence technologies to drive and improve Business operations.

Main Topics

  • The Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing landscape: 2003 and beyond
  • Next generation Business Performance Management
  • Creating Business Process-driven analytical applications
  • Analytical applications: build or buy?
  • Deploying Business Intelligence in the Enterprise
  • Deep analytics: deriving value from models and rules
  • Real-Time Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • New approaches to managing and improving data quality
  • Managing Enterprise wide Meta Data
  • Collaborative Business Intelligence
  • Developing a Business Intelligence Portal