Cloud Native Applications with Docker and Kubernetes

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From Wednesday November 25 2020 to Friday November 27 2020

Price: 1,700.00 Euro

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You want to maximize the efficiency, agility and “production-readiness” of your enterprise environment? Are you thinking about migrating operations to containers and orchestration powered by Kubernetes? Would you like to move your operational environment to Cloud providers or a managed in-house solution? Do you want your developers to get guided hands-on experience using this technology?

A lot of enterprises migrate their runtime environments to platforms that are based on Docker and Kubernetes. Container technologies in combination with orchestration provide significant advantages in the way companies deploy and operate their enterprise software.

This 3-day hands-on workshop covers the whole topic of containers and container orchestration, realized with Docker and Kubernetes. We will see the motivations behind and benefits of Docker and Kubernetes, and how to effectively develop, deliver and operate enterprise applications in an Kubernetes environment.

The hands-on parts give attendees a first experience and the confidence to operate the technologies.

What you will learn

  • Packaging, distributing and running applications in Docker containers
  • Installing and configuring containerized application - Deploying enterprise applications as Kubernetes pods, deployments and services
  • How to leverage Kubernetes' production-readiness
  • Configuring containerized and orchestrated applications
  • Realizing persistence in cluster environments
  • Accessing external systems
  • Troubleshooting containers and orchestration environments

Main Topics

  • Containers
  • Docker
  • Container Orchestration
  • Advanced Concepts