BizOps - Integrating DevOps with Business and Enterprise Architecture

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Is your organization planning to, or already underway with Agile development and/or DevOps? Does it seem like an excuse not to do architecture, analysis or design, because it shouldn’t be. At a project level, you’re building things faster, but at an enterprise level, you don’t know if you’re building the right things, or instead, just creating redundancy and inconsistency faster. While speed is important, it is the right things at the right speed - the “speed of business change” - that is critical to success in the new digital economy. And, while DevOps is a critical component of any business or digital transformation initiative it is not incompatible with, in fact it is better with, architecture and design. Moreover, the enterprise benefits don’t end there.

BizOps extends the continuous feedback, faster cycle time, and tighter integration atmosphere, mindset, and process of Lean, Agile, and DevOps, “development-to-operations” upstream to include “business-to-development-to-operations” creating alignment with strategy while ensuring flexibility and agility. This includes a business driven “intentional architecture” and common vision that enable innovation, rapid change and emergent business design.

What you will learn

  • What is BizOps
  • How to scale DevOps
  • What are the core principles of Agile and Lean that must be scaled
  • How architecture and Agile practices complement each other
  • How to create an “intentional architecture” using DevOps
  • How to extend DevOps to BizOps using business architecture and analysis
  • How to fit architecture and analysis into a CD/CI and test-driven environment • The new role of architects and business analysts

Main Topics

  • DevOps principles and practices
  • Extending DevOps to the business - BizOps
  • Expressing business concerns and strategies for BizOps
  • Implementing the digital business platform simultaneously with business stories
  • Integrating architecture into Agile and DevOps