Creating the New Technology Platform for Digital Transformation

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The past few years have seen dramatic changes in technology, business models, enterprise systems… in other words, Digital Transformation. Driven by real time engagements, an order of magnitude increase in data, accelerating speed of change, the ephemeral nature of the Cloud, exponential increases in computing power, and cognitive/AI/ML technologies, this combination of new realities is enabling solutions that weren’t possible before. It’s not that everything you used to know is now wrong, but it has all changed.

The new world is dynamic, decentralized, data driven, automated, and self-learning. A decentralized architecture, supporting real-time and near-real-time experiential engagements, ecosystem awareness, augmented decision making, automated and connected products and services, and more is needed. But, like everything else, architecture must also change to keep pace with the new realities of today.

This seminar explores the requirements for the new digital economy, describes the “Digital Business Platform” necessary to succeed, and lays out the architecture needed to create that platform. It covers the changes to traditional architecture domains of business, information, application and technology, as well as details of new domains including performance, service, integration and security to provide a detailed, holistic view of all the pieces and how they fit together.

What you will learn

  • Why the Digital Economy requires a new architecture
  • Dimensions of Digital Transformation: Information, Experiential Engagement, Operating Model
  • What is the architecture for the new “Digital Business Platform”?
  • What are the component architectures and how do they fit together?
  • Sense, Compute, Act – Architecting the new paradigm of the Digital Economy
  • Enabling new business models: Connected Products, Asset Lite, Information Monetization, Engagement
  • Case Studies

Main Topics

  • Architecting the new Digital Business Platform
  • Business Architecture: Articulating Strategies, Capability Framework
  • Information Architecture: Analytics, Cognitive, AI, ML
  • Application Architecture: SaaS, PaaS, Microservices and APIs
  • Technology Architecture and Enabling Technologies
  • Service Architecture and ITaaS
  • Performance Architecture
  • Integration Architecture
  • Security in the Digital Age