Predictive and Advanced Analytics

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Today, with most people connected to the Internet, the power of the customer is almost limitless.The Internet has given them freedom to choose in a way that business could never have imagined.

They can browse your competitors’ Web sites with ease. They can compare prices, they can view sentiment about your business, and they can switch loyalty in a single click any time anywhere all from a mobile device. In addition, the emergence of social media sites means that customers also have a voice. They can express opinion and sentiment about products and brands on Twitter Facebook, and review web sites and create social networks by attracting followers, and following others.

For many CEOs, customer retention, loyalty, service and growth are top of their agenda. In addition improving operational effectiveness is also high on their priority list.

The only way they can achieve this is to acquire more data. CMOs also want access to new data to enrich what they already know about customers.

New data is needed to provide insight on customer on-line behaviour for better segmentation and to understand the value of a customers’ social network and not just the customer. In addition, COOs want more data to become more effective in operations. Instrumentation is therefore being added so that operations can capture new data. With so much demand we are now in an era where data has never before been so important to business in helping to create competitive advantage.

This seminar looks at the need to capture new data sources and perform exploratory analytics for competitive advantage. It looks at new data sources and at data discovery and visualisation tools to show how these technologies can be used to provide new insight that helps foster growth, reduce costs and improve effectiveness.

What you will learn

  • How data and analytical characteristics can dictate the approach taken and tools needed to conduct exploratory analytics
  • To distinguish between the types of data discovery and visualisation tools on the market
  • How to distinguish data discovery and visualisation tools from other BI tools
  • Tools and techniques for discovery, analysis and visualisation of multi-structured data
  • Build reports and dashboards quickly and easily without the need for IT
  • How to publish insights for others to access over the Web and mobile devices

Main Topics

  • An introduction to Data Exploration, Discovery and Visualisation
  • Deploying and using data discovery and visualisation tools
  • Getting started with Predictive Analytics and Machine Learning
  • Exploratory Analytics for multi-structured data
  • Search, BI & Big Data