Mastering Business Analysis

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Business Analysis underpins any automated system development, and any meaningful business change. Business Analysis means uncovering the real business problem, and then crafting the best possible solution for it. Business Analysis means firstly bringing the stakeholders to a common - and correct - understanding of the value that any new solution will bring to the organization. Business Analysis means investigating the business problem, discovering the essence - the real problem - and then looking at the options for an appropriate solution. In short, the task of the Business Analyst is to uncover the real business, and communicate it in such a way that all stakeholders come to a consensus on the best way to improve that business. Business Analysis is a combination of work study, systemic thinking, innovating, communicating, persuading and several other analytical skills. This course gives you the process and the tools for effective and thorough Business Analysis.

IIBA Accreditation

Mastering Business Analysis is a course endorsed by the IIBA. As such, this course has been approved as being aligned to the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK) and hence is recommended training for business analysts who wish to sit the exam to become Certified Business Analysis Professionals (CBAP). By attending this course, you will earn 16 PDs (Professional Development hours) or 16 CDUs (Continuing Development Units). For further information on how to register for the CBAP examination please refer to certification at The IIBA endorsement is registered by the Atlantic Systems Guild. “Course is delivered by The Atlantic Systems Guild, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider,

“Course is delivered by The Atlantic Systems Guild, an IIBA Endorsed Education Provider,  and IIBA trademarks are used under license and in accordance with IIBA’s Corporate Identity Standards and Trademark Policy."

Along with the seminar materials, delegates will receive a free copy of book Business Analysis and Leadership: Influencing Change by Penny Pullan and James Archer (Kogan Page).

What you will learn

  • How to discover the real business needs, not just guess at a solution
  • How to improve the business
  • How to define and analyse
  • How to write a value proposition that clarifies the intention of the business change
  • How to define a project so that it can yield real benefits, and have all stakeholders agree on the objectives customer segments
  • How to be better at communicating and convincing people of your ideas and solutions
  • How to be innovative and find the best way to improve your client’s business
  • How to be a better Business Analyst

Main Topics

  • Business Analysis — what we are doing
  • Inception — establishing the value
  • Reconnaissance — finding the essence, and what’s possible
  • Investigation — understanding the current and the new
  • Design the Future Work — finding the optimal solution
  • Getting Approval — the right solution is not enough, you have to convince others
  • Ongoing Business Analysis — beyond the project