Architectural Thinking:
How to be a good Architect

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The Architectural Thinking course teaches the skills and the mindset required to build robust, scalable and maintainable architectures. The course teaches a methodology and a set of techniques that show how to ensure that all aspects of a technical architecture are covered and documented. We cover a set of principles, criteria, architectural structures and patterns essential in building software and enterprise architectures. The course includes the recent developments that cover scalability, Cloud, Big Data, and NoSQL impact on software architecture.
Numerous discussion and design exercises provide for engaging class.

What you will learn

  • Recognize and understand the key qualities of good software architectures
  • Be able to recognize, understand and use architectural patterns
  • Effectively document architectures
  • Be able to identify the various customers of IT architecture and work with architectural views
  • Apply an effective methodology for evolving architectures
  • Create architectures that withstand the challenges of modern applications
  • Understand the impact of cloud, NoSQL, microservices and container technologies

Main Topics

  • The Architectural Development Process
  • Architectural Views • A Notation for Describing Software Architecture
  • Requirements and Architecture
  • Model Driven Engineering
  • Architectural Assets
  • Quality Attributes
  • Architectural Patterns
  • New Patterns for Scalability, NoSQL, Big Data, and Cloud