Modern Information Architecture

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This course has the objective to teach you the key elements of modern information Architecture, including Big Data and NoSQL. The course starts with the introduction of the key Information Architecture concepts, and moves quickly to practical data integration and its different approaches and trade-offs. For any Information Architect, data models provide the platform for decision-making and communication. We explore different data models and through them we address various aspects of enterprise data models. We explore best practices and advice on creating data models, including making real-world compromises. Next we explore various options for data and metadata management, including master data models.
The second part of the course will guide you through the new landscape for Information Architecture for NoSQL, Digital, Cloud, and Big Data. You will understand how to architect and manage those solutions, and you will get a good understanding of different pieces that make Big Data solutions, such as Hadoop, and the variety of NoSQL stores. Integration with relational stores is a particularly important part of this picture. Data Lakes and associated practices of governance, security, and data quality are covered as well.
The material is reinforced through numerous discussion questions and design exercises.

What you will learn

  • Make sound decisions about Information Architecture
  • Architect Information flows and data integration approaches, including those for mobile applications
  • Create different types of data models and understand metadata management
  • Make decisions about Big Data and NoSQL solutions

Main Topics

  • Information Architecture
  • Data Flows and Information Integration Strategies
  • Data in the Cloud
  • Information Modeling: State of the Art
  • Information Modeling Advice and Best Practice
  • Architectures for Big Data
  • Hadoop
  • Big Data Analytics with Hive
  • Big Data Analytics with Pig
  • Big Data Analytics with Scalding
  • Architectural Elements of the Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Hadoop as the new Data Warehouse
  • NoSQL: Not Only SQL