Mastering the Requirements Process

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This seminar provides you with the insights, techniques and templates to discover exactly what your customers desire for their systems.

We give you a solid requirements process and highlight the checkpoints where you can measure the product and make contractual commitments based on known degrees of certainty. We show you how to accelerate your process by reusing requirements.

We teach you how to make requirements measurable and how to use those measurements to test the system. It gives you straightforward advice on how to get the users to tell you all their requirements; and gives you a systematic way to use known requirements to uncover the hidden ones.

Main Topics

  • Do I Need Requirements?
  • The Requirements Process
  • Project Blastoff
  • Trawling for Requirements
  • The Quality Gateway
  • Prototyping and Scenario Models
  • Writing the Requirements Specification
  • Reusing Requirements
  • Reviewing the Requirements Specification
  • The Ongoing Requirements Process

And More...

  • We give you 20 almost-free actions for improving your requirements process
  • A complete requirements process model is included in the course materials
  • You get a copy of the Requirements Specification Template. This complete template provides a foundation for writing your own specifications
  • A survey of the tools currently available to assist requirements capture and recording
  • References to books and resources on the latest information on requirements engineering